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Signature Networks PLUS California MPN Listing

Please Note:
An MPN applicant shall have the exclusive right to determine the members of its network. Individual participation in each MPN is at the sole discretion of the employer, insurer, self-insured entity or other MPN entity.

Additionally, not all providers of a medical group may be eligible to participate in the MPN program. Please visit the MPN search utilities via the URL links below to determine provider participation. Should by wish to opt out of one or more MPN(s) please e-mail your request to: or fax your request to 562-279-7601 Attn: Physician Acknowledgement Department.

MPN ID# Name of Applicant WebSite (URL)
2128 Arch Insurance Company
2127 Arch Insurance Company
0901 City of Fresno
1211 County of Fresno
2046 Golden Empire Transit District
0701 Harco National Insurance Company
1637 Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company
1635 Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest
2125 New York Marine and General Insurance Company (with Kaiser)
2126 New York Marine and General Insurance Company (without Kaiser)
2129 Safety National Casualty Corporation
2130 Safety National Casualty Corporation
1636 Twin City Fire Insurance Company
2173 United States Fire Insurance Company
2079 Sentinel Insurance Company
2158 Lion Raisins Inc
2160 Lion Farms LLC
2159 Star Transport LLC
2376 LWP Claims Soultion Inc
2394 LWP Claims Soultion Inc
0310 Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
2238 Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
2347 The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylivania
2451 Signature Networks PLUS
2452 Signature Networks PLUS
Date of Last Update 03/15/2016